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How to Become a Master in CSS in 5 Simple Steps

As you know- I lately left my comfort zone, closed Android Studio and dive straight into a scary, rough sea called Web Development. An integral part of building web apps is working with CSS. For the ones that not familiar with Cascading Style Sheet- this is how web developers design their web pages, give it some life and structure, add animations and lose their sanity while doing so.

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5 Things React World Can Learn from Android

In my previous post, I talked about a couple of things I notice after moving from my usual gig as an Android developer and doing some web development (especially React).

As promised, after naming some things that Android can learn from the web development world, I will now focus on the other side- what can web developers can borrow from the Android world.

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Is There Room for One More?

In the last Google I/O, Google announced a new architecture components. One of them is Room. Room is an (another) ORM solution for the Android developers. Combining with some other elements Google released (like LiveData, ViewModel, and Lifecycle Listeners)- basic app flows should be much simpler.

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How I Survived My First Big Conference Talk

On 20.9 I presented at Reversim Summit (one of the biggest conference for developers in Israel) about building Android apps. This was my first time talking in a conference at this scale. It wasn’t easy but I survived and I’m here to talk about my journey.

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Tech Life as Graphs

As a geek I often imagine situations in life as a math equations and graphs (don’t you all do it too? What’s wrong with you people?!). In this post I’ll try to describe some situations is the tech life as graphs:

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Playing With Coordinator Layout

Lately I needed to build some kind of overlay screen that looks like the one that shows when you open the phone when you don’t have a lock screen. This is a simple overlay screen that should be dismissable when the user swipe it out from the lower part of the screen

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10 Good Rules for Bad App, Part 1- Technical

We were all been there, you got a great idea for an app, you gather some feedback and even managed to build a team and you going full power to conquer the app store. So a second before starting working on your genius egg timer app, it is worth taking a moment and think about how you’re going to do it.

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Animated Vector Drawable

In API 21 the Android team released bunch of very cool things for material design, most of the things focus around the design specs like colors or transition animation, other were for the new widgets like FAB, card view or recycle view, but within all those things there were also two things that barely discussed- VectorDrawable and AnimatedVectorDrawable.

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Andriod Dev Toolbox Part 2

The second part of the Android dev toolbox lecture, This time we’ll focus on collection of tools and resources that help you build better apps in less time.

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Kotlin- a Better Java for Android?

A couple of weeks ago, when going over some Android DevSummit videos, I encountered in some question about alternative language for Android during one of the fireside chats session with the Android team. It was really interesting that there was another way to develop an Android apps but unfortunately I didn’t fully catch the name of the language (“What what? was it Kotin? Tolkin? What he was saying???”) so I give up.

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Android Studio for Experts- Cheat Sheet

So last week there was the great Android Dev Summit, that in my opinion was one the greatest summit by Google, because unlike Goolge I/O or others Google big events- these event was very technical and was especially for devs, so if you didn’t watched the videos already I very recommend to go over it and pick the ones interested you the most.

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Run Fast, Fall Frequently, Get Up Faster and Go Drink Beer at the Beach: What It''s Like to Work at a StartUp

Over the past 3 years I’ve been working at MyRoll (previously called Flayvr, the startup that loves you photos as much as you do). I joined right after the seed stage and I was the first employee of the company. This was my first time working at a startup and it’s hands-down one of the best experiences I’ve had in my not-so-long life. Lately, more and more of my friends have asked me: “Should I join a startup, or just go corporate - something that’s financially stable?”.

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Android Drag and Drop

Although Android system has a very good built-in drag & drop mechanism, I seeing lots of libraries that just duplicate this behaviour, or users that hack they way for building drag & drop on their apps. In this blog post I will explain how to implement a simple drag & drop functionality between different views with a very small amount of code.

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Custom View- Part 2

In part 1 we learned how to build a simple custom view that’s integrate nicely with our pager view and show some indication about the current page, in this post we’ll take the view to the next level and add some subviews for page headers

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Custom View- Part 1

Until couple of months ago I’ve been a bit afraid writing custom views. I thought it’s too complicated and had a lot of overhead with handling all layouting and interactions, I felt there is not enough documentation out there, not mention the edge cases and performance. I had my default Android view component in my toolbox and thought that everything I needed can be composed from those.

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The Basic Android Stuff That Nobody Talks About

I started developing for Android 3 years ago. I was never really formally taught - no ‘real’ classes, no online courses. I did what I usually doing when I’m trying to learn a new thing - figure things out through trial and error. I downloaded the SDK and started tweaking and playing with things around while reading the Android developer guide.

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